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Lisa White

I'm Lisa, illustrator and glass artist.

From the first time I played with fusing I was completely hooked... I was utterly inspired and excited by it and even now, more than ten years later it still holds the same magic for me.

Artists often reference their surroundings influencing their work and that is the true for me too. I live in Braunton, I have a dog (Dot), a couple of teenagers and a love of wild swimming, so I spend much of my free time on the beach and it definitely reflects in my work - there's a great deal of aqua glass, seascapes and sea themed shapes!

During the shoulder seasons of tourism my work is all about  flowers.... Real ones, bonkers made-up bright coloured ones, some in pots, some in meadows, anything goes!  Making flowers is very delicate work and its a great change for me. 

Then finally when the winter rolls around - my work bench is full of Christmas. I try every year to make 'serious' decorations but I have a love for googly eyes, especially crossed ones - so there's lots to choose from but they fit firmly in the fun category! 

Mandy Hodson

I'm Mandy of Forage and Fuse. My glass hobby has developed over the last few years into my profession and i've taken up residence in the Art Mash studio alongside Lisa where I continue to grow my work. 

If i'm not in the studio making glass Im usually traveling the breadth of Devon with my son who is a wildlife photographer..... This shared passion for our beautiful landscapes and the local wildlife strongly influence my work.